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Weighing yourself down with shoes ... losing track of the rear view.

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Every year I see women wearing shoes that could be aptly named Frankenstein's flipflops. Flipflops alone can be wearing on the intertoe area (possibly called the "toe crotch"), so these extra-thick soled ones have got to hurt. And they look like hell too. If it's going to hurt, why not wear high-heeled sandals: they hurt, but at least they are pretty.

Then there's this young woman, who no doubt thought she looked great while standing looking at the front of her body in the mirror. But she's got a real problem here. Low rise jeans are nice, but you need to think about what you're doing! Maybe that crowd gathering around speedpainter guy isn't all art lovers.

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They're playing it right now at Fair Trade Coffee House.

"Fool to Cry," by The Rolling Stones.

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More about conversation 2, previously discussed, revealing that it was a conversation with Tonya and discussing her blog entry on the subject.

Conversation 2 below was with Tonya and she's blogging about it too. A key reason she wants an anonymous blog is so she can curse. She misses cursing. Ah, she reminds me that I suggested calling the anonymous blog The Id Blog. It occurs to me now that my original blog is my Superego blog, that this is my Ego blog, and ... yeah I need a third blog! Oh and Tonya speculates about a joint anonymous faculty website that would be the equivalent of the anonymous evaluations students do of their lawprofs: the lawprofs would name names and let loose with criticisms in the style of student evaluations. See that's why she needs an anonymous blog. You'd go anonymous as the cranky old retro lawprof and say anything (but without naming names, even the name of your law school). You could name your blog Professor Kingsfield's Blog or Cranky Old Retro Lawprof or The Socratic Bastard or some such thing. Don't worry, I'm not doing it. But I sure want to read it, if anyone else decides to go ahead and write it. Tonya suggests a group blog of this type. Let's just call it The Vile Lawprof Conspiracy.

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Two conversations I had today about blogging.

I haven't added Sitemeter to this blog and I'm thinking of avoiding it. Ah, but no sooner did I write that then I felt a pull to enter the address of this blog in Technorati. And don't you want to know what level of evolution you've reached on the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem? I was a Flappy Bird (over there on my other blog), then I got to be an Adorable Rodent, then somehow I had fewer links and I was a Flappy Bird again. These are like cliques in a high school--it was like I was one of the Theater Kids again. This was all (or most of it) said in a conversation today with a colleague who used to be an Adorable Rodent like me but is now a Marauding Marsupial. We discussed the feeling we get when the Popular Kid says hi to us: Instapundit linked to him today. Oh, and I've be linked by Instapundit five times, but it's like: the Popular Kid never calls me any more. And so I'm checking Sitemeter referrals and Technorati like a teenager in love checking to see if the phone has a dialtone.

Imagine if when you were in high school you had services like BlogShares and Sitemeter and Technorati to check to see where you ranked against the other kids! And then would you try to figure out how to improve your standing and do those things. But here we are, adults with blogs, checking our statistics. Now Jeremy doesn't use any traffic metering device on his weblog, but he's still a character in Blog High School. He's just one of those kids who go around saying popularity doesn't matter and he doesn't even want to be popular. But I admire Jeremy's blog! And I may never add Sitemeter and thus affect the form of self-esteem that is the Pride of the Nerd.

Then I had another conversation with someone who saw that I'd started a second blog and she wanted a second blog too. We discussed the many motives for having a second blog and came up with a lot of good ideas. One would be to have a secret blog, an anonymous blog, where you could say all the things you don't want attributed to your name. Nothing criminal and nothing against a person, just sort of your alter ego. Your main blog would be your Jerry Seinfeld, and the anonymous blog would be George Constanza--all the meaner things you hold your tongue about. For the blogger who coulda been a novelist, the alter ego blog would be the villainous or socially inappropriate character in your story, where you can dump all the mean or daring or shameful things that you think but don't say. I got the idea--really the most outrageously narcissistic idea--of having a second blog that would be anonymous, but that would have as its theme taking issue with everything I say on my main blog--denouncing and vilifying myself, which struck me as a very amusing thing to do. Thinking back to that earlier conversation (the Blog High School conversation), I realized that would be a way to get more links. Especially if unwitting others came forward to defend me.

In the Saul Cornell talk today about the Second Amendment, which I mentioned over on my "Jerry blog" (man, that shouldn't count as a link--that's like sending yourself flowers to try to appear popular!), he explained how the recent body of Second Amendment scholarship was created around the Sanford Levinson article "The Embarrassing Second Amendment," how once that was published and a citation existed, people could write other articles and law review editors would accept those articles, because now there was an authority to footnote. He compared the phenomenon to a coral reef or an algae bloom. He said it was like check kiting (except not necessarily bad). Anyway, couldn't you similarly play the website popularity tracker sites by creating multiple anonymous blogs and linking to them? It would then seem like an important little group of bloggers had gotten going and that might attract others to linking to you and so forth. But why would you be doing that? Because blogging is like high school!

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Judy talks about having no friends and Burton reads a Winston Churchill speech.

[video missing]

I've been watching the various episodes of The Tonight Show on The Jack Paar Collection, including a nice one from May 8, 1964 that begins with a lot of monologue jokes about LBJ being a publicity hound. Judy Garland is on the show, and the screen image presented here is Judy saying that no one ever calls her on the phone and just invites her to dinner. She's such a lofty icon that no one thinks to do the ordinary thing that one would naturally do with one's ordinary friends. She says she's like the Statue of Liberty. Richard Burton comes on and does something that seems so weird compared to the sort of thing that would today appear on The Tonight Show. He stands at a lectern and reads a speech of Winston Churchill's. Oh, and he tells a terrific anecdote about the aged Churchill coming to see him in a performance of Hamlet. "The old man" (everyone called him "the old man") sat in the front row and recited all the lines along with Burton through the entire performance. Here's Burton sitting with Paar during the anecdote segment. I love the way the two men are dressed and their different demeanor in the chairs, Paar idiotically sprawling with his suit all rumpled and Burton, with his cigarette and much more closed up posture.

 [video missing]

The show continues with Bill Cosby, but I had to stop watching (someone came home and engaged me in conversation, which must come first). But it will be interesting to see the very young Bill Cosby. I remember how much all the kids in my junior high school loved Bill Cosby back when we knew him through the 1964 record "I started out as a child," which some of the boys had completely memorized. They would recite long passages to amuse people. (That reminds me: I once went to a Steve Wright concert here in Madison and sat next to a young man who recited the whole performance along with him. What was he, some Winston Churchill clone?)

UPDATE: Judy Garland and Richard Burton were actually on different shows, but Cosby was on the show with Burton. The speech Cosby gave was Churchill's "Iron Curtain" speech.

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This being the first entry in my second blog, House of Althouse, I thought I'd explain myself.

It's quite easy, really. I want to see what iBlog is like. So this will be an experimental side blog where I will put anything that I happen to just not feel like putting on my main blog. Anything serious about law and politics, I will keep on the main blog. I'll switch to this blog perhaps when I want to do something with a lot of photos, like this, or when I want to be more self-indulgent, which might mean getting less self-indulgent on my main blog. I like the main blog being a mixed bag, though, but I'm careful about the structure of the whole thing and often find myself worrying about the mix of serious to whimsical. So this will be a bit of a whimsicality side track, especially when it comes to visuals.

I will put some more artistic things on this site, including scans of drawings and photographs of paintings, both of mine and of one or both of my sons. I can then link to here from the other blog. I might do some streaming audio blogging too. We'll just have to see. I know already that iBlog makes blogging with photos really easy, and I have a feeling that it will be possible to do some audio things easily too. Maybe even some movies at some point.

ADDED: This is the beginning of a reconstruction of a blog that I had stored on my page, which Apple made unavailable. Using the "Wayback Machine" — — I am able to get back to what I'd thought I'd lost forever. I'm putting them up for the first time on Blogger in 2016, but I'll put the original post date at the bottom of the post. There are only 20 posts. So it's not going to be that difficult!

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