Thursday, November 17, 2016


This being the first entry in my second blog, House of Althouse, I thought I'd explain myself.

It's quite easy, really. I want to see what iBlog is like. So this will be an experimental side blog where I will put anything that I happen to just not feel like putting on my main blog. Anything serious about law and politics, I will keep on the main blog. I'll switch to this blog perhaps when I want to do something with a lot of photos, like this, or when I want to be more self-indulgent, which might mean getting less self-indulgent on my main blog. I like the main blog being a mixed bag, though, but I'm careful about the structure of the whole thing and often find myself worrying about the mix of serious to whimsical. So this will be a bit of a whimsicality side track, especially when it comes to visuals.

I will put some more artistic things on this site, including scans of drawings and photographs of paintings, both of mine and of one or both of my sons. I can then link to here from the other blog. I might do some streaming audio blogging too. We'll just have to see. I know already that iBlog makes blogging with photos really easy, and I have a feeling that it will be possible to do some audio things easily too. Maybe even some movies at some point.

ADDED: This is the beginning of a reconstruction of a blog that I had stored on my page, which Apple made unavailable. Using the "Wayback Machine" — — I am able to get back to what I'd thought I'd lost forever. I'm putting them up for the first time on Blogger in 2016, but I'll put the original post date at the bottom of the post. There are only 20 posts. So it's not going to be that difficult!

ORIGINAL POST DATE: Mon - April 26, 2004 at 09:49 PM

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