Thursday, November 17, 2016


More about conversation 2, previously discussed, revealing that it was a conversation with Tonya and discussing her blog entry on the subject.

Conversation 2 below was with Tonya and she's blogging about it too. A key reason she wants an anonymous blog is so she can curse. She misses cursing. Ah, she reminds me that I suggested calling the anonymous blog The Id Blog. It occurs to me now that my original blog is my Superego blog, that this is my Ego blog, and ... yeah I need a third blog! Oh and Tonya speculates about a joint anonymous faculty website that would be the equivalent of the anonymous evaluations students do of their lawprofs: the lawprofs would name names and let loose with criticisms in the style of student evaluations. See that's why she needs an anonymous blog. You'd go anonymous as the cranky old retro lawprof and say anything (but without naming names, even the name of your law school). You could name your blog Professor Kingsfield's Blog or Cranky Old Retro Lawprof or The Socratic Bastard or some such thing. Don't worry, I'm not doing it. But I sure want to read it, if anyone else decides to go ahead and write it. Tonya suggests a group blog of this type. Let's just call it The Vile Lawprof Conspiracy.

ORIGINAL POST DATE: Tue - April 27, 2004 at 06:55 PM

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